What is Lent?

Lent is an opportunity for self-reflection and examination. It’s a time to focus and reflect, to meditate on Jesus and realign our lives and focus toward God. This may include learning something, giving something up, or taking on a new life-giving practice which helps us and others to flourish as followers of Jesus.

What to expect

For this Living Lent series we’re going to focus on snapshots from the gospel of Luke. We’ll encounter stories of hope and transformation, encounter and engagement. These stories will reveal to us what Jesus is passionate about and unpack why Tearfund is involved in its various causes.

In each devotion we’ll explore:
  • A story from the gospel of Luke
  • A reflection on the story
  • A prayer that brings us into the story
  • An invitation to engage

On Ash Wednesday and then each Monday of Lent, you will receive an email containing one devotion - we recommend reading and discussing in a group!

During the week you’ll receive emails that contain either a thought, question, quote, or bible verse to contemplate or an action point to consider. You’ll also see these on Tearfund’s Instagram.

Living Lent 2019 Series