Gary Agnew


BCom, CA

Gary is a financial consultant and has previously worked in roles with Ernst & Young and as the Chief Financial Officer for Paymark Limited. Gary has a particular interest in mentoring leaders and assisting organisations to perform more effectively. Since his teens, Gary has been an avid supporter of Tearfund and its focus on empowering those affected by poverty and injustice. Gary has been on the Tearfund Board since 2006 and has held the position of Board Chair since 2011.

Mark Fleming



Mark is Chief Financial Officer of Beca Group Ltd, a New Zealand headquartered engineering and professional services organisation delivering projects across Asia and the Pacific. Mark and his wife Lisa have been supporters of Tearfund’s work for many years. They are both highly motivated to help bring justice and hope to families impacted by oppression, war and disaster. Mark has been on the Tearfund Board since 2013 in the role of Treasurer.

Christopher Luxon

Co-Vice Chair


Christopher is the former Chief Executive Officer of Air New Zealand, the national carrier of New Zealand. Prior to joining Air New Zealand, he had an 18-year career at Unilever, working in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Christopher and his family have been supporters of Tearfund’s work attracted by the mission of ending poverty, fighting injustice and providing hope to the most vulnerable. Christopher joined the Tearfund Board in 2018.

Rachel Appleby

Co-Vice Chair



Rachel is a General Practitioner in West Auckland where she has worked for the past 27 years. She was born in India to missionary parents, raised in Fiji, and came to live in New Zealand in her mid-teens. As a child, she was exposed to poverty, disease, injustice and untimely deaths, and this has had a lasting impact on Rachel’s world view. So being involved with Tearfund is both a passion and a privilege for her. Rachel has been on the Tearfund Board since 1993, and over that time she has held various positions, including Board Chair.  

Harriet Sewell

NZRN, Obstetrics Nurse, Cert Biblical Studies (BCNZ), Post Grad Dip Development Studies

Harriet works as an independent consultant. Her background includes 25 years’ experience working in Programme Advisor and Programme Director roles in the aid and development sector. She has worked for both international and domestic organisations, which has involved frequent travelling. She has been on the Tearfund Board since 2010 and is the Board Representative on the Partner & Programmes Committee.

George Wieland

BA History (Hons), BA Theology (Hons), PGCertEd, DipPastStud, PhD

George is Director of Mission Research and Training at Carey Baptist College, Auckland. His background includes cross-cultural work in Brazil, church-based ministry and community work in the UK, and tertiary teaching. He travels frequently in connection with mission and community development work in several countries, is involved with Micah and other integral mission networks, and he has developed a course on Theology and Development. He has had experience on several boards and has been on the Tearfund Board since 2015.